Healthcare Conferences Help Providers Weather Changes

Healthcare conferences are certainly not a new way for providers to learn about and understand healthcare policy and compliance changes, but they are often the best way. Healthcare conferences offer providers a forum in which they can learn from healthcare experts and gain the continuing education that they need.

PQRI, EMRs Keep Healthcare Providers Guessing

Among the hot topics for healthcare audio conferences are the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI) and new electronic medical record (EMR) mandates. If you’re planning to attend any healthcare conferences this year, these two topics are of utmost importance. Also, getting the insider’s point of view on PQRI and EMR adoption is vital to getting the reimbursement you deserve and staying compliant.

President Obama’s stimulus package has been a boon for healthcare providers, but the gifts come with strings attached. You must know the EMR requirements to get your share of the bounty. Likewise, PQRI can be an easy program to implement among your physicians — but only if you have all the right reporting components and you understand for what you can and cannot get extra pay.

Learn Financial Strategies to Stay Afloat in the Ailing Economy

Although most economists believe that the healthcare industry has been least hurt by the economic downturn, many providers are indeed struggling to make ends meet. Healthcare conferences are now focusing on reimbursement-boosting strategies for providers to help them get through the slump.

Healthcare Conferences Enable Compliance, Optimal Reimbursement

Most importantly, healthcare audio conferences keep providers in the loop on crucial changes to coding and billing procedures, payers’ requirements and compliance mandates.

If you’re like any other healthcare provider, you need to stay updated on any changes to optimize your reimbursement, stay compliant and keep your practice running smoothly. Missing out on even one critical change can land you in a compliance nightmare. Healthcare conferences are often the answer for providers who don’t have the time to read through lengthy Federal Register documents or briefs from CM

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